Wind Tunnel 

The test chamber of the wind tunnel is open-ended and allows considerable flexibility. The flow speed is adjustable in a wide range without incurring in instabilities.

The inlet section is 2200 x 2200 mm². The flow is laminated by a honeycomb structure (2700 mm x 2700 mm x 100 mm) positioned at the beginning of the converging duct.




 Fan characteristics 

Fan and elettric motor characteristics:

  • Blades outer diameter 2800 mm
  • Total Pressure 118 mm H2O
  • Rotation speed 745 rpm
  • Cord airfol 270 mm
  • 11 Carbon Blades
  • Efficiency 0.78
  • Effective Power 365 kW
  • Maximum speed 47,4 m/s


The Wind Tunnel "Raffaele Balli" was built in 1992 by the will and passion of Prof. Raffaele Balli and tested 13 December 1993. Since then the building has grown in synergy with companies, that over time have entrusted important development activities aerodynamic. Named in memory of its foundator on 6 July 2011, the working group which he founded daily contribute to the growth of the structure, cultivating the precious legacy inherited: the passion and ideas that still represent the highest quality and innovative value of laboratory.